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 Character creation guidelines

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Character creation guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Character creation guidelines   Character creation guidelines I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 29, 2017 3:39 pm

Character creation is as per the Player's Guide. You should have 25 points worth of Attributes, 8 ranks of Talents and 8 ranks of free Skills, plus 2 ranks of Knowledge Skills, 1 rank of an Artisan Skill, 2 ranks of the Speak Language Skill (please define which languages you speak; if you do not, you will be assumed to speak Throalic and your racial language), and 1 rank of the Read/Write Language skill. If you are a spellcaster you will also have Spells equal to your Perception Step. In addition to the starting equipment, you should have purchased equipment and leftover money totaling 100 silver.

In addition, we ask you to provide three personality traits and a personal vision - a description of your Way. How is your character's Discipline expressed in the way they see the world?
Sample personality traits:

It is not necessary to provide a background at character creation. Players who do provide a background (submitted to the Great Library as sort of the 'prequel' chapter to their journal) will be awarded up to 300 Legend Points. To qualify for any award these backstories need to be spell-checked, innovative, and at least two paragraphs long.

After your character has been approved, please go to Roll20 and fill out the character sheet there, so you will be ready to play!

Finally, remember that Earthdawn is a game about heroes and their legends. Your character should be motivated to adventure and to build their legend.
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Character creation guidelines
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