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 Guidelines for GMs: Mission Rewards

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PostSubject: Guidelines for GMs: Mission Rewards   Guidelines for GMs: Mission Rewards I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 29, 2017 1:16 am

The player only sees the legend point reward and the silver point reward, and doesn't usually care how the sausage is made. This post breaks down how those rewards are determined.

There are four categories of Legend rewards: Objectives, Obstacles, Magical Treasure, and Roleplaying. Each of these are equally weighted. When designing the mission, the gamemaster has a budget for each category, and assigns the legend points from this budget to the various encounters as appropriate.

Even if the players fail on all measures, they still receive the basic reward. What proportion of the total reward they receive is determined by their success in those four categories.

Expanding on the Categories:

Expand the table of the appropriate difficulty for your mission and select the row of the appropriate Circle. Each row contains:
Basic Award - The amount of LP each player gets just for showing up.
Budget per Category - The amount of LP available to spend for each of the four categories. You choose how it should be proportioned across the various encounters.
Total Legend Budget - This is simply 4 x Budget Category, and is provided only for clarity.
Max Legend Award - The total possible LP reward, presuming all objectives are met, all obstacles conquered, all magical treasure found and good roleplay demonstrated.
Max Silver Award - The total possible silver reward for the mission. This includes the silver value for any loot worth legend points. Any quantity of this may be substituted for items at half their value (for example, a booster potion, which costs 50 silver, could replace 25 silver of the reward).


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Guidelines for GMs: Mission Rewards
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