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 Kato's Kat-Folio

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PostSubject: Kato's Kat-Folio   Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:57 am

The Honor Book
List of Deaths

:The Untold Tale: (Spoken once to Grulchuck Tale-Weaver)
We waited in the night.  Our people not forgotten; But unseeing still.
We grew as time turned.  Years passed and our honor changed. But remained the same.
We are bound to it.  Katorr, Kat'rall, Katerra. Yet some defy it.
Honorless, Hornless.  These words are almost the same.  We recognize this.
And our eyes open.  The scourge is passed and we see.  Not all have honor.
The Great Travar Chiefs; They call for a sacrifice!  Some must walk dark paths.
Though the scourge ended, Darkness remains in our world.  Pain, disease, poison.
A coward's killing.  A fitting death for *kava*.  I learn the dark ways.
Sacrifice Kat'rall.  Walk silent to kill softly.  Deny them honor.
Those who use poison; They shall die by poisons kiss.  We shall know of it.
Segarra Stone-Brow; I tell of the aro'al; Our stone-skinned brothers.
The troll sickens us; He wears the skin of brothers; I go to harvest.
Segarra hides well; He hides in walls of stone blood; His trolls number ten.
I am simply me.   Thief they call me, if at all.  But I am shadow.
Ten will live this night.  They will not see me draw blood.  No honor for him.
Steal away quiet.  There is no story beyond.  Not for Segarra.
Not for his living. And not for his death story.  His death is enough.
Honorless Kava.  We now forget Segarra.  Nameless once again.
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PostSubject: Re: Kato's Kat-Folio   Mon Nov 13, 2017 3:28 pm

I have done before, so shall I write once again.  This is my story.

Upon The Cape Wrath. An airship of mighty crew.
Corvus the Captain. A jolly fool, and a friend. He flies us near death.
Near the misty swamp.  Steady high above, Cape Wrath.  We thought ourselves pure.
Two great black drakkar. We are engaged and yet fly!  I call to the trolls.
Druv'a, the Challenge.  Thane Cawdor, Raider of Mud.  Of my moot, yet not.
He interrupts me. A foolish boy to forget.  But we will shed blood.
"Kato Shadow-Sin; Son of the Trolls of Travar; my Honor no less!"
I would call again. Battle is joined without call.  There is no honor.
This is my duty.  Once again to slay kava.  My flail strikes the mud.
Bones break like reeds.  My foot strikes the villain square.  Hide of aro'al.
These fools sicken me.  To wear the skins of brothers.  To demean their lives.
We crush the last one. We are about to rally voice.  The wind blows darker.
Lightning flashes by!  We are not victorious?!  The storm itself turns.
We face a spirit.  Lightning dances on my skin.  Pain and fury mix.
A thrilling battle.  My skin is scorched and shattered.  And yet I remain.
The spirit turns back.  No magic left to summon. Yet the raiders laugh.
They have split our mast.  The Cape Wrath plummets to earth.  All is whistling dark.

We strike like a stone, bouncing off the rugged earth.  We live, but barely.
The Cape Wrath has not. Jolly Captain Corvus dies.  His crew sail no more.
Only four survive.  Heartscry is a fine windling.  Perception her toy.
Thane Cawdor, Raider.  Ours, but not a trusted friend.  He seeks fame and gold.
T'rask the T'skrang.  Loud of mouth and quick of hand.  He seeks only fame.
I am hurt, but live.  I will remember Cape Wrath.  I will walk softly.

Inside? A Surprise!  Garlchuk the Taleweaver waits. Around him, bodies.
He is a warden. Great troubador among trolls.  I have heard his name.
He bids us join him.  We come sit close to the fire.  Our blessed respite.
We curry favor. The great Troll bids us trade tales.  I must hesitate.
Will I honor foes?  I have sacrificed so much...  But for him I speak.
I tell of my way.  I tell of honorless foes.  My story seems short.
Others have more tales.  He bids speak three and one.  Heart's cry draws a tear.
Thane claims the great prize.  It is perhaps beyond him.  Crystal plate of storms.
This was his true goal.  A sky raider's great fortune.  Too heavy to wear.  

I will remember.  Great Captain; The Ship Cape Wrath.  Fly on in my heart.

(Dated and signed; Kato, the Shadow-Sin of Travar)
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PostSubject: Re: Kato's Kat-Folio   Mon Nov 13, 2017 3:50 pm

I have done before, so shall I write once again. This is my story.

Zalph Petzana, an elf; claims perception and knowing. He proves himself true.
A tree is a kaer? It looms above the servos! A great, huge, green tree.
It hardly seems real. Yet I sense magic within. Wood as strong as steel.
Signs as bright as stars. A great majesty of life, But too small for trolls.
A windling kaer, then? We don't have time to find out! The Death's Head Rises!
I walk softly fore. Our center is Aro'al. A brother/sister?
It is Calapa. And a feral city troll? Krel An of Travar.
Krel An Shouts Warning! The Death's Head flies and bellows. A resounding blow!
Dull wood cleaves flesh. I spin, and kick, but go wide. The elf darts fly home.
Our enemy dies. The jungle hoots and calls back, always undisturbed.

We approach the tree. Kato wrapped in shadows kiss. Above the kue mate.
My steady hands rise. I climb the tree to peer in. The bole above weeps.
Krel An Raises Voice! In challenge I shall respond. A rain of green kue.
The battle is joined! We are outmatched by the kue. There are too many!
Calappa falls first. I quickly join her, born down. Their swelling numbers!
We bleed and stagger. One by one we fall to pain. Bled dry by such pricks.

We must ask later. Elementalist magic. Only Zalph still stands.
Then comes the darkness. Tiny fingers awaken. A windling tends me.
Is it our heart's cry? Has she come to rescue us? No, but a windling.
Sad, sorry creature. She cannot speak for her fear. Or for her vile curse.
Each year one is snatched. The horror knows no remorse. This little one next.
Her life handed off, to buy one more meagre year, for those who know not.
I can not stand it! I will not let them suffer. Honor demands it.
The others complain. We are too injured, they say. We then must retreat.

But I will come back. Little windling you will see... You are not alone.

(Dated and signed; Kato, the Shadow-Sin of Travar)
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PostSubject: Re: Kato's Kat-Folio   Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:58 pm

The Delver's Athanaeum thanks Kato for his contributions to their archives.

Wreck of the Cape Wrath: 164 silver, 82 legend points
The Ironbark Kaer: 88 silver, 44 legend points
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PostSubject: Re: Kato's Kat-Folio   

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Kato's Kat-Folio
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