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 Vrastan Skain, T'skrang Wizard

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PostSubject: Vrastan Skain, T'skrang Wizard   Vrastan Skain, T'skrang Wizard I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 18, 2017 9:36 am

Roll20 Name: JohnA
Character Name: Vrastan Skain
Race: T'skrang
Discipline: Wizard
Dex: 13
Str: 10
Tou: 12
Per: 17
Wil: 16
Cha: 12
Karma: 3
Uncon: 27
Death: 33
PD: 8
PA: 3
MD: 10
MA: 3
SD: 7
Recovery tests per day: 2
Carrying Capacity: 80
Wound Threshold: 8

Discipline Talent 1st circle (Rank): Dispel Magic (1)
Discipline Talent 1st circle (Rank): Patterncraft  (1)
Discipline Talent 1st circle (Rank): Research       (1)
Discipline Talent 1st circle (Rank): Spellcasting   (3)
Discipline Talent 1st circle (Rank): Threadweaving Wiz. (2)
Optional Talent 1st circle (Rank):  Additional matrix ()
Free Talent:
Standard Matrix
Standard Matrix
Race Talent (Rank):

Knowledge skills (rank):
Horror Lore (1)
Scourge History (1)
Artisan Skill (rank): Manuscript Illumination (1)

Speak language skills (rank): Throallic , T'skrang (2)
Read/Write Language Skill (rank): Throallic,T'skrang (2)

Other Skills (Rank):
Alchemy (2)
Alchemy Lore (1)
Creature lore (2)
Swimming (1)
Unarmed Strike (1)

Astral Sense
Divine aura
Flame flash
Iron Hand
Mage armor
Mind dagger
Speed reading

Adventurer’s Kit (backpack, bedroll,
flint & steel, torch, waterskin, large
Artisan Tools (Manuscript Illumination)
Grimoire (Leather and copper bound tome)
Traveler’s Garb (soft boots, belt,
robe and, traveler’s cloak)
Trail Rations (1 week)
Leather Armor
Writing Kit: Quill Pen, Writing Ink, 10 sheets
Parchment or Paper, 6 Candles, 10 Pieces of
Map/scroll case

Personality Traits: Curious. Loyal, & Obsessive

Backstory: Vrastan unlike many of his "sibling eggmates" seemed enthralled by the idea of a mathematical or logical order to the world. While some of his siblings pursued efforts in art, performance, or martial pursuit he chose the mind bending study of Wizardry.

Snurri Irongut was a venerable master to study under and Vrastan learned much in the years that followed. A great deal was focused on history of the world outside the Kaer. Knowledge of creatures, geography, history and the horrors which sent the world into hiding only fueled his obsessive and unquenchable desire to learn more and more.

Eager to see the outside world Vrastan jumped at the chance to go on an initial scouting mission. He would accompany Snurri and a handful of others outside the Kaer. Things went south quickly as horrors befell them of the fifth night We're it not for the courageous efforts of Mort ,a Troll Warrior, he would have certainly perished. Through cunning use of wizardry he and Mort returned to the Kaer alone. The world was far more dangerous than even he had anticipated. Yet the desire to return gnawed at him...

"The worlds have an order. Where others see chaos with the correct formulae and proper time Wizardry can learn that order. Through mathematics and deep thinking the wonders and mysteries of the universe are ours to behold. Unlocking these mysteries can bring not only power but also wisdom. Even the Horrors themselves must have an order, a reason. Alas that is a mystery yet to solve as well as many more lie ahead."

~Journal entry Vrastan Skain

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Vrastan Skain, T'skrang Wizard Empty
PostSubject: Re: Vrastan Skain, T'skrang Wizard   Vrastan Skain, T'skrang Wizard I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 18, 2017 2:45 pm

Original Sheet, Approved:
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Vrastan Skain, T'skrang Wizard
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