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 Gameplay: Combat: Knockback

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Gameplay: Combat: Knockback Empty
PostSubject: Gameplay: Combat: Knockback   Gameplay: Combat: Knockback I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 15, 2017 2:54 am

House Rule:
Anything that knocks down an opponent can be used to knock them back instead. The aggressor chooses whether they're being knocked prone or forced to give ground.

On a hit, roll damage as normal; the target must make a knockdown test (also as usual - any relevant bonuses such as Wound Balance apply). Subtract the result of the knockdown test from the damage. For every 5 remaining, the target can be pushed back an additional hex. The pusher may choose to reduce the distance but must move with the target, except for the last space.

For example:
Alaric uses Shield Bash on the wood spirit, who makes a knockdown test and fails by 9. The usual math applies: 0 is the first success, with every additional 5 another success. Therefore, 9 is two successes. Instead of knocking the wood spirit prone, Alaric chooses to push it back two hexes, into the campfire (where it immediately takes fire damage).
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Gameplay: Combat: Knockback
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