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 Gameplay: Combat: Troll- and Windling-sized weapons

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Gameplay: Combat: Troll- and Windling-sized weapons Empty
PostSubject: Gameplay: Combat: Troll- and Windling-sized weapons   Gameplay: Combat: Troll- and Windling-sized weapons I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 07, 2017 3:29 pm

From Panda's Gaming Grove, the blog of Earthdawn developer Morgan Weeks:

Troll Battle-Axe817-6458Unusual
Troll Bola4993133UnusualRange: 2-12, 13-24
Troll Dagger37-222UnusualRange: 2-10, 11-20
Troll Flail61374457Unusual
Troll Mace516-4257Unusual
Troll Pole-Axe919-719013Rare
Troll Quarterstaff597675Unusual
Troll Spear512-4124UnusualRange: 2-10, 11-20
Troll Throwing Axe410-4303UnusualRange: 2-12, 13-24
Troll Two-Handed Sword918-71609Rare
Troll Warhammer818-612010Rare
Windling Dagger12-112 oz.Unusual
Windling Quarterstaff23-271Unusual
Windling Shortsword24-1308 oz.Unusual
Windling Two-Handed Sword47-21502Unusual
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Gameplay: Combat: Troll- and Windling-sized weapons
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