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 Character Management: Multiple characters

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Character Management: Multiple characters Empty
PostSubject: Character Management: Multiple characters   Character Management: Multiple characters I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 06, 2017 5:47 pm

A player may have one character in each Tier, plus one additional character regardless of Tier.

The Tiers are, as per the book, Novice (1-4), Journeyman (5-Cool, Warden (9-12), and Master (13-15).

Example: As you may remember from the character creation section of the Player's Guide, Doug plays Landal, a T'skrang Swordmaster. Landal is now a Warden, being Ninth Circle. Doug doesn't get to play Landal as often as he'd like, because there just aren't enough characters at that level to field more than the occasional mission.

Doug also plays Merrick, a Dwarf Nethermancer who is now Eighth Circle. Merrick fills Doug's Journeyman slot, and Doug doesn't want to raise him to Warden until Landal is a Master. Merrick's kind of on hold for a while.

Doug's primary character these days is Jersk, an Ork Beastmaster. Jersk is Fourth Circle, filling Doug's Novice slot.

Doug's most recent creation is Ainu, a First Circle Elf Troubadour. Ainu is Doug's 'extra' character - an second character in a Tier that's already got one. Doug created Ainu so he could play with new players who've just discovered Eastmarches, and feels no urgency to advance him.

Recently, Doug GMed a game, and now he gets to choose which character to apply the rewards to. He decides to give them to Jersk, and advances Jersk to Fifth Circle. Ainu is now his only Novice character, and Jersk is his 'extra', as a second Journeyman character.

Until Landal becomes a Master, Doug will not be able to create a fifth character. He will never have more than five, but the time may come he decides to permanently retire one of his characters, thereby freeing up their slot.
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Character Management: Multiple characters
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