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 Talent: Research

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PostSubject: Talent: Research   Wed Oct 04, 2017 8:29 pm

Travar's Libraries
In addition to the Library of the Arts (the official public library, largely containing recognized masterpieces and museum-like exhibitions), Travar has several libraries open to the public. The most notable of these are the Delver's Athanaeum and the Labyrinth. The Delver's Athanaeum specializes in pre-Scourge maps, documents and literature on Travar and the surrounding area. It actively solicits more current information about the post-Scourge world, and rewards adepts for submitting their adventure journals. The Labyrinth has a much wider and more eclectic selection, but is also considerably harder to navigate.

House Rule: Research and Thread Items
See this thread for the specifics of researching thread items.

Briefly, however, any character may spend one week of downtime to make a Perception + Research roll to search for clues on thread items in an area they are about to enter, against a Difficulty Number of 5. Each success results in one clue, which may then be spent to specify the kind of item, the abilities the item has, and/or the tier of that item.

Access to the library costs 20s per roll. You can purchase the assistance of NPC scribes, sages, and/or librarians (as appropriate) for 50s per roll, which gives a +4 bonus.
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Talent: Research
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