An online Earthdawn game in the Westmarches style, played over Discord and Roll20, with a focus on community building and player rights.
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 Seeds (Shaalwyd)

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PostSubject: Seeds (Shaalwyd)   Wed Oct 04, 2017 11:25 am

  • Infection is spreading through Travar. The Sanctuary of Garlen is stemming the tide with Cure Disease potions, but the source of the infection still needs to be identified and addressed. The team that undertakes this will be permitted access to Travar itself for the investigation.

  • An Ironbark tree woven with protective runes has been discovered in the Servos Jungle - quite probably an unopened kaer.

  • Humanoid figures were seen from above around a tower inland of the Byrose River. Travar does not yet have contact with the location.

  • A certain ex-citizen was sold at the slave markets in Tent City, and will soon be leaving with his new owners. Rumor has it that a reward would be paid for his return, especially if it came with a reassurance that his owners would not come looking for him.

  • An envoy from a farming community west of Travar has reported that their own dead have risen from the small cemetery and attacked. Survivors are currently barricaded in their homes.

  • Efforts to build a bridge over the Byrose River have been repeatedly sabotaged. If someone can put a stop to it, the area east of Travar will be opened up for exploration.
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Seeds (Shaalwyd)
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