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 Thane Cawdor, Troll Sky Raider

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PostSubject: Thane Cawdor, Troll Sky Raider   Sat Sep 30, 2017 2:21 am

Note: This is the CURRENT character. Character at start is post #2.

Roll20 Name: Chris D.
Discord Name: chrisddickey
Character Name: Thane Cawdor
Race: Troll, Heat Sight. Move 14.
Discipline: SkyRaider
Circle: 5 Journeyman

Dex: 17 (7)
Str: 19 (8 )
Tou: 13 (6)
Per: 13 (6)
Wil: 11 (5)
Cha: 13 (6)

Karma: 15
Uncon: 44   (-2 Absorb Blow, -3 Horror fend, -4 Garlen Stone)
Death: 55
PD: 13   (10   +2 shield, +1 Raider 2nd).
MD:10   (8   +2 shield).
SD: 9    (8   +1 Raider 4th).
PA: 7
MA: 9
Recovery tests per day: 3
Carrying Capacity: 235
Wound Threshold: 9

DT: Battle Shout (6) Cha 12
DT: Climbing (6) Dex 13
DT: FireBlood (6) Tou 12
DT: Melee Weapons (7) Dex 14
DT: Sky Weaving (5) Per 11
DT: Great Leap (6) Dex 13
DT: Wound Balance (6) Str 13
DT: Fire Heal (7) Wil 13
JDT: Battle Bellow (6) Cha 12
TO: Avoid Blow (6) Dex 12
TO: Shield Bash (6) Str 14
TO: Throwing Weapons (6) Dex 13
JTO: Iron Constitution (5) Tou 11

Knowledge skills: Barsaive History (1) 7
Legends and Heroes (1) 7
Troll Lore (1) 7
Artisan Skill: Wood Carving (2) 8
Speak language: (2) Throalic, Trollish
Read/Write Language: (1) Throalic
Other Skills: Air Sailing (1) Wil 6
Awareness (2) Per 8
Navigation (2) Per 8
Swimming (1) Str 9

Blood Magic: 5: Absorb Blow Charm (2). Horror Fend Charm (3)
Potions:  Booster x 10, Healing potion x 3, Salve of Closure x 3, Last Chance Salve x 1, Kelia’s Antidote x 2, Kelix’s Poultice x 3.
Equipment: Spiked Mace (minor pattern item (1)), Crystal Raider Shield (Major Pattern Item), 2 x Troll Bolo (13), 2 x Troll throwing axe (30), 6 x Troll Spear in an 2x-large quiver, Hawk Hatchet. Net 1 size 4, 1 size 6.
Adventurer’s Kit (backpack, bedroll, flint & steel, torch, Belt pouch x 3 (one around neck), waterskin x 3, large sack, Tent: troll sized), Climbing kit (Rope (20ft), Light Chain (10ft), 2 Pitons, Grappling Hook), Light Quartz (on hat), Travelers Mug, Hot Pot.
Woodcarving Tools, Dagger, Traveler’s Garb (Mountain Boots, shirt, belt, breeches, traveler’s cloak), Wealthy travelers garb, leather work gloves, thinner gloves),
Cold/Foul Weather/Air sailing gear (Wool Jacket, Wool Hat, Slicker).
13 pounds of salt.
Note: +25% armor costs. +25% weight.

At base: Footman's shield, Padded Leather armor, soft boots. 6 clubs.
Souvenirs: A Cyclopes Tusk.  Hipogriff feathers (plumes on hat).

Thread Items:
THUNDER PLATES:  (MD 14, 6 Ranks, Maximum Threads: 1) Rank Woven: 4.
Base Item: Crystal Plate Armor. PA7 MA7 Init -5   Enchanted Wk 18.
Key Knowledge 1: What is the name of the armor? (Thunder Plates)
Thread 1: Initiative penalty becomes -4
Thread 2: The plates take on a purple hue, and where they rub against one another sparks and crackles of electricity can be seen.  The armor provides +3 protection against lightning and thunder based attacks or the attacks of air elementals.  In any combat in which the wearer resists this damage, the next recovery test gains a +1 bonus.
Key Knowledge 3: Who was the armor made for: Rask Ironhook Bloodclaw.
Thread 3: The initiative penalty of the armor becomes -3.
Thread 4: As long as the wearer is aggressive, they gain a +1 bonus to initiative tests. The bonus to recovery tests after taking storm damage is +2.

Thane's Backstory and personal "Way of the Sky Raider":
Thane feels he was born outside of his true time and place. Thane's family has been lowland trolls for the entire length of the scourge, stuffed up inside of Travar instead of roaming the world under an open sky, but he is certain he should have been a member of a highland clan back during the Orichalcum wars. Thane has learned of the legends and hero's, studied the glorious history of wars past, learned the lore of the highland troll.

Thane does not much appreciate city life and left Travar for Tent City as soon as he washed out of training for the Travar Flying Patrol on discipline violations.  He hopes that an adventuring life is his true vocation. He hopes to someday make contact with the surviving highland clans and perhaps return to his true roots there.

The Sky Raider Discipline that survived in Travar was a discipline with little Sky and no Raiding. The citadel of Travar, unlike the underground kier's, had both room and need for small patrol craft to maneuver within the citadel. This allowed Travar's Air Sailor and Sky Raider disciplines to do at least some sailing during the scourge, unlike the kiers where the disciplines struggled to survive without any flight for the entire length of the scourge. But only the members of the Flying Patrol ever had use of these patrol craft.

Thane was Initiated as a Sky Raider by a person who had never been on an airship of any sort. Other than some brief training flights with the Sky Patrol, he has also spent no time on an airship. This decade has seen Airships return to the skies of Barsiave for the first time in 500 years! There are as yet few airships and few berths. Thane is excited to be a member of the generation to see airships return to the sky. He is frustrated beyond words that he has not found a berth upon any of the very few (but growing) number of airships.

Thane is reconciled to being the inheritor of weakened, land-bound, citified Sky Raider tradition. He wishes he was more aggressive and bloodthirsty, more of "the real thing". But for the last 500 years the city of Travar was the Travar Sky Raiders ship. The population of Travar it's passengers and crew. Unless Thane can get a proper berth in a proper raiding ship, he will protect the city. At least he, unlike his fore-fathers, can raid out of the city into the untamed wilderness that is Barsaive.

Thane is Confident, Calculating, and Easy-going.

(1) During "The Dark Tower", Thane hit an opponent for 76 points of damage. His Spiked mace is a minor pattern item.
(2) During "Crystals of Caldor", Thane was hit in the head and 1/4 of his right horn was knocked off. Thane has kept the fragment and carries it with him always.
(3) During "Cloak of Merave" Thane was bone shaped by a changling several times. His head is now somewhat mishapen.
(4) During "The Flying Travarian" Than shield bashed a ghost with 8 extra successes and did enough damage to discorperate it. Thanes Crystal Raider shield is a major pattern item.

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PostSubject: Re: Thane Cawdor, Troll Sky Raider   Sat Sep 30, 2017 2:25 am

This is the Original sheet.

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PostSubject: Adventure logs   Sat Sep 30, 2017 2:29 am

Down by the River:

Source of the Servos:

Down the Coil:

Brotherhood of Steel:

Who attacked the Caravan:

The Three Bears:

The Jungle Cure:
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PostSubject: Crossing the Adipae   Wed Oct 18, 2017 11:32 am

Crossing the Adipae:

Wreck of the Cape Wrath:

The Dark Tower:

A Recipe for Destruction:

Looking for the journal of Hamish the Bold:

Twin Troubles:

An Enchanting Adventure:

Crystals of Caldar:

The Dreaming Serpent:

Cloak of Mevarre:

Return to the tower of Cats:
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PostSubject: Re: Thane Cawdor, Troll Sky Raider   Mon Nov 20, 2017 2:05 am

The Witch's Cottage:

Journey to the Gaen Valley:

Pay my dues:

A "Horror"able Mission:

When Friends Fall:

The Flying Travarian:

Clean the Tainted Land:
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PostSubject: Re: Thane Cawdor, Troll Sky Raider   

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Thane Cawdor, Troll Sky Raider
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