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 Gameplay: Karma: Stacking Karma

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PostSubject: Gameplay: Karma: Stacking Karma   Gameplay: Karma: Stacking Karma I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 29, 2017 3:11 pm

Clarification from the official errata document:
One Karma Point can be spent per test per potential “source” that grants the adept the ability to spend Karma on the test. For these purposes, each talent, spell, or thread item counts as an individual source. The adept’s Disciplines count as one source; the adept may have multiple Karma abilities from their Discipline that could be used for a test, but can only use one of them.

For example, a Fifth Circle Warrior/Fifth Circle Weaponsmith who crafted their own pole axe can only spend one Karma on the Damage test, despite having two Karma abilities that apply. However, a Seventh Circle Beastmaster attacking with Claw Shape and Down Strike could spend three Karma on the Damage test: one from Claw Shape, one from Down Strike, and one from their Fifth Circle Karma ability.
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Gameplay: Karma: Stacking Karma
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