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 Policy: IC and OOC knowledge

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Policy: IC and OOC knowledge Empty
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Players commit to playing their own characters with verisimilitude, making in-character decisions based on the information known by their character, even if they possess out-of-character knowledge that would alter those choices. Gamemasters commit to the same – NPCs will only act on knowledge they would reasonably possess, and their intelligence and tactics will be appropriate for the type of creature they are. Characters with appropriate knowledges will usually be able to predict what these tactics will be.

Metagaming, or, Crunching the numbers

In order to make realistic in-character choices, a player needs to know how difficult they can expect an action to be. Whenever possible, this should be provided with description and broad categories. For example, the gamemaster might not wish to tell a Novice Swordmaster that the Difficulty Number for a successful Avoid Blow is 19, as this seems like out-of-character knowledge. What is in-character knowledge, however, would be: “The arrow is whistling through the air, on a perfect trajectory for your left eye. Dodging it would be a Heroic feat for a Novice!” (See the table on p160.) Not giving any estimation of difficulty denies the player the roleplaying opportunity to decide what kind of risks their character is willing to take. Moreover, it can feel like being tricked into taking the strain, which fosters a combative feeling between player and gamemaster that is antithetical to the philosophy of Earthdawn Eastmarches.
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Policy: IC and OOC knowledge
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