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 Skurr, Windling Windmaster

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PostSubject: Skurr, Windling Windmaster   Mon Dec 04, 2017 9:39 am

Skurr, Windling Windmaster

Dex     17/7
Str       10/5
Tou      13/6
Per      10/5
Will     10/5
Cha     13/6

PD: 12/15    PA:
MD: 6     MA: 2
SD: 8

Unc: 33
Death: 40
Wound: 9
Recovery: 3

Avoid Blow: 3
Melee Weapons: 3
War Weaving: 0
Tiger Spring: 2
Wood Skin: 0

Danger Sense: 1
Haggle: 2
Awareness: 3
Surprise Strike: 1
Stealthy Strides: 1

Airborne Threats: 1
Nameless Humanoids: 1

Tattooing: 1

Speak: Dwarven (Throalic), Windling
Read/Write: Dwarven (Throalic)

Windling Sword (d3) 45sp
Body Shield +3/+0 50sp

From the nearby Vassili village, Skurr is a noble of the Windlings, able to invoke the Right of Listening. However, his awakening as an adept came as some surprise, as did his insistence in following the Way of the Warrior. Only last year he took to the road, flitting from place to place to find himself a niche in the world and to seek out ever greater challenges.

Way of the Windmaster
Though he sometimes jokes that his way is the way of the 'winmaster', Skurr takes on all challenges. Using superior speed and mobility he puts a wide circle of steel between himself and danger, and himself between danger and those less able to defend themselves. Always, he seeks the challenge that will next elevate him, pushing his legend on from one opponent to the next while ever pushing himself past his one, true competitor: himself. While unit tactics and group dynamics are one way of going about adventuring, when given a chance at one-on-one tests of might, Skurr relies only on his own abilities as a superior combatant.

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Posts : 117
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PostSubject: Re: Skurr, Windling Windmaster   Mon Dec 04, 2017 9:41 am

Original Character:
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Skurr, Windling Windmaster
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