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 Leads carried over from Westmarches

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PostSubject: Leads carried over from Westmarches   Fri Sep 29, 2017 9:26 am

Leads on the Serpent Road:

  • A group of ork bandits led by a troll archer have appointed themselves "tax collectors" along the Serpent Road, attacking travelers who refuse to pay their fee. Novice adepts should be able to deal with the issue.
  • Some five hours south of Throal, not far off the Serpent Road, is a cave in which a horror resides. Nine feet tall with metal bones and a furnace in his belly, the horror is telepathic, very tough, and can heal itself with seemingly little effort. From his lair he crafts powerful but tainted weapons. It will take a strong group to stand a chance against him, perhaps even journeyman adepts. Though the horror is very tough, it seems to have little defense against Social talents such as Battle Shout. The adepts that finally take him down might exploit that weakness.

Leads on the Alidar Valley Road:

  • Just off the Alidar Valley Road is a massive termite mound. One fallen tree has already disrupted traffic along the road and been cleaned up, but the presence of so many thousands of wood-eating creatures is likely to make it an ongoing hazard until someone clears out the mound. (CR 2 Dungeon)

Leads in the Alidar Valley:

  • The Alidar Valley itself (beyond the paved section of the Alidar Valley Road, right where it is planned to wind down next to the river) is teeming with ghouls. There must be at least 200 of them down there, toiling away in the sun to build some kind of ziggurat. A group of journeyman adepts would be challenged to deal with them, unless a great deal of strategy went into the composition and tactics of the group. Definitely want a Nethermancer involved!

Leads on mounts or animal companions:

  • There is a gost roaming the area near the Baurschwine Farmstead. A relatively placid osseovore, gosts are scavengers by preference and unlikely to attack unless provoked. It could, however, make an interesting mount or animal companion. Gosts are particularly favored by Nethermancers.
  • Several creatures suitable for training have been observed up in the Throalic mountains, including a great bear, granlain (troll horse), and wolves.

Leads in Booten Canyon:

  • A cyclopean ape-like horror called a baggi has made its home near Booten Canyon; probably best tackled by seasoned adepts.

Leads in the Obsidiman Birthing-Cave:

  • Deep within the birthing cave linked to Throal's Liferock is a spiral staircase that leads down into a tiny hexagonal room. One wall is a crystal door, carved with protective runes similar to those used on kaer doors. On the other side lurks something dark and corrupted. How to open the door, what's beyond it, and what was it built to protect? There is a keyhole, so it seems like a Thief would be particularly suited for this one. August Rey, Dwarf Cavalryman, would very much like to be present when the door is open and lay claim to the thread lance we pushed out of the door. He is all for killing whatever corrupt thing is inside as well.
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Leads carried over from Westmarches
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