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 Character Management: Animal Companions and Mounts

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Character Management: Animal Companions and Mounts Empty
PostSubject: Character Management: Animal Companions and Mounts   Character Management: Animal Companions and Mounts I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 22, 2017 7:46 pm

If you play a Cavalryman or a Master of the Hunt, whose shtick is all about their animal, do you start with an animal? Or do you have to buy one?

A Cavalryman may start with a single, untrained C1 animal from the Starting Mounts list, below. A Master of the Hunt may start with a single, untrained C1 animal from the Starting Animal Companions list, below.

Starting Mounts:
Starting Animal Companions:

What are the limitations on the animals you can have?

You can have as many animals as you like. However, you may bring on any given mission animals whose challenge rating adds up to your Circle. For example, a Fourth Circle Cavalryman might have a troajin mount (C2), plus a falcon (C1) and a kue (C1). Alternatively, she might have a single rhinocerous (C4).

You must declare which animals you have with you at the start of the mission.

How do you acquire animals?

Aside from the mounts listed in the Player's Guide (which are available at their stated rarity levels), you must encounter a creature on a mission before you can take it as an animal companion or mount. You may absolutely request a mission to acquire a specific kind of animal! That's a great hook!

So long as you made the animal Neutral to you during game, you may spend 7 days of downtime to travel back to where you saw it (round trip), and then make one Animal Bond roll per day to improve its relationship. Once it is Loyal, it will follow you home. These rolls must be witnessed by a GM. Be aware of the Willful quality on potential animal companions - sometimes what looks like a success is, sadly, not a success!

Animals in downtime

There are no stabling costs or downtime requirements to care for your animals, but you are assumed to be taking care of them well. if you are neglecting or mistreating them as a roleplaying thing, please let us know so that we can have them respond accordingly!
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Character Management: Animal Companions and Mounts
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