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 To the heart of all things

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PostSubject: To the heart of all things   Fri Nov 03, 2017 1:25 pm

Walking through Tentcity one fine day, Zalph hears of a farm nearby being attacked by bandits and dead things.

"Why this farm must be out of balance. Where is it I shall go and assist."

After receiving directions he is notified of a few others that have offered to help. Zalph takes his leave and marches to the location and meets with Heartscry the windling illusionist/elementalist; Draevinn the elven archer; and Haden the nethermancer.

Not one liking to daudle over pleasantries, he keeps it short: "I am Zalph the elementalist".

He then quickly organizes the group and suggests they move along so as not to lose time.

A little while later they come upon a small hill that seems to have fire burning atop it as well as sounds of people moving about. Heartscry the magnificent, takes flight and reigns down greetings and salutations upon the people she finds there.. but not before informing the party of and odd sound....

yk yk..yk..yk..yk yk yk..

Shortly after her departure shouts of "Get her" or some such are raised and a human steps to the ledge. Whereupon Draevinn heartily shoots him straight through the shoulder and knocks him unconscious immediately.

Zalph then moves along a path leading up to the hilltop. Stopping just as he sees someone he throws an Earth dart and misses. He is then rushed by a war dog in armor, knocked down and bitten quite ferociously.. "What a monster".

The sound of yk.. yk..yk.yk..yk yk yk.. all the while coming from a tree on the edge of the hilltop ends briefly as an ugly 3 foot fleshy THING comes darting over stopping just short of heartscry. As the fight progresses a horde("dont interrupt me pesky interviewer..yes yes there were only 6 but that is a horde most certainly when they start blood sharing with each other") of flesh things.

What ensues is a veritable route as haden and myself stand our ground, with heartscry's help of course, and then slaughter the remaining yk's and drive off some bandits.

We then take a nice little lunch, heat some food.. and shared it with a bandit also. Heartscry gave him a choice to go back to the bandits or a new life.. he chose the latter. He gave us some useful information though: Grey lady was making the yks and their camp was "that" direction.

We then made our way there and quickly engaged another bandit, whom was lain low quite rapidly. Though within a few minutes we were gathering quite the following of angry yks. Haden and I stopped to dispatch them while heartscry and draevinn moved on for a bit.

Haden and I chose to move into a room where we then dispatched the rest. Soon draveinn and heartscry came back and we chased after a nasty Nethermancer I think she was, though i learned later she was an illusionist. We pursued and found her commanding a veritable army this time of yks.. this time with a few larger ones than the originals.. we shall henceforth call them least yks, lesser yks, and yks.

Draevinn took great aim with his bow that I had enchanted yet again with flame arrow and with his skill, and my enchantment he burned a whole right through that nasty woman and dropped her dead in a single shot.

We then got nearly surrounded by all kinds of yky things and made a short stand before I said "to the storage room". Which haden understood but the others did not it seemed so we ended up getting split. Though that worked in our favor as well. We destroyed much of the yks but just as we were getting the upper hand and unusually weird yk, came up and crushed some yks together that then formed a bigger yk.. we shall name him the yk master.. and upon seeing him and his additional forces we had no choice but to flee.
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PostSubject: Re: To the heart of all things   Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:03 am

Taking leave of the city on a journey to the Servos Jungle in an attempt to gather alchemy materials as well as loate a kaer that he heard mention of from Haden, Draevinn, and Heartscry.

Prior to going he locates a great Obsidiman purifier (Kalapa), Troll thief (Kato), and a beastmaster Krel'an.

Taking a leisurely stroll for 6 days they then find themselves in the servos jungle. Along the way they avoid several encounters, one with some large animals that have huge horns.

It took several minutes before Zalph was able to get his bearings and figure out how to navigate through the jungle. After some time they found themselves looking up at a tree 50' in diameter.

It being almost night they decide to shelter up near the tree. Upon approaching and evil, nasty flesh dripping. "Ive never seen an obsidiman piss their "pants" but Kalapa sure gave me that impression that day". After a few minutes of combat we rid ourselves of it and then go to sleep.

The next morning we find ourselves being stared at by a group of large predatory cats. Before long someone starts a fight with them and they surround a few people and knock them unconscious.

Seeing that I have a very bad chance of fighting 1v8 I retreat and setup a defensive position. The next morning I wake to hear and see some of my companions miraculously still alive. I make my way to them and attend wounds as I can.

We are then introduced to a windling with a broken wing who seems to have helped Kato wake up. We then learn from this most pitiable of looking windlings that she is a sacrificial chosen one. We are a bit confused as to where this "thing" comes from but it is fairly certain that she has been horror marked and is being watched by it.

As a group we are badly injured, but in a sense successful as we found the kaer opening we came to look for. In addition I found many samples of useful alchemical supplies. We pick our broken, well their broken selves, up and head back to tentcity.
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PostSubject: Re: To the heart of all things   Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:52 pm

The Delver's Athanaeum thanks Zalph for these additions to their archives.

A New Threat: 70 silver, 35 legend points
The Ironbark Kaer: 88 silver, 44 legend points
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PostSubject: Re: To the heart of all things   Wed Nov 15, 2017 12:34 pm

Hearing of Heartscrys sojourn to Throal for some pattern knowledge, Zalph offers to tag along for the journey. On this fine day he takes his first trip on a long boat ride down the Serpent river.

The ships captain asks each companion to share tales of their adventures each on a different night. Not one to waste words he sits back in his chair, sips his drink and shares his tale of the Ironbark tree and its guardians. Much to his expectations, no one really says anything regarding his recitation of the events.

A few days later they are attacked by some 4 foot long flying lizards that he learns later are acting very much out of character.

The following day this experience is followed by an attack of 4 harpies who all say some very foul things to everyone. Apparently their words actually have power and they manage to curse and then disease Moore. We spend that night using many different forms to augment his natural adept healing abilities and he is succesful in burning away much of the disease, though hes still not fully recovered making actions slightly harder than normal.

About a days travel by ship from throal we happen to spot another ship and it rams into us. The captain asks us to guard his ship while he and some others jump to the other one and engage the attackers.

While standing on deck we see 2 attackers jump over. More surprising though, 3 others came up from the depths of the river and climbed up the sides. A difficult fight ensues where I cast icy surface twice blocking the movement of the enemies on deck. I even managed to cast earth darts at their nethermancer so successfully that I knocked him down (my companions weakened him considerably making it very difficult to act, but still).

In the midst of all this however I took several hits, including one particularly nasty arrow that wounded me. Our own Nethermancer also took a lot of damage, as did Moore.

In the end we lived and they lost.
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PostSubject: Re: To the heart of all things   Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:07 pm

I was part of a group that said we would locate the horror that was holding a windling kaer hostage, and on this day I return to say that we have done just that, and only that.

Several days ago we set out with the intention of locating this horror in the servos jungle and our journey started after a few days travel up the serpent river. We disembarked, made our way into the jungle, found the Ironbark tree, skirted the edges of it and began our search.

One of the party had knowledge of horrors and mentioned the description we gave made it sound like a Despairthought. We reasoned that since the windling we spoke to said it would come and take its sacrifice that it was most likely relatively close by. So we started a spiraling circle outwards from the side deepest in the jungle.

We ran across some animal wildlife along the way intent on nothing more than finding a meal (alright alright.. some ape-like creature, 2 large venomous snakes, and a spider). After about 5 hours of travel on foot the dirt underfoot seemed different, and the obsidiman agreed and said it was the kind one would find near a cave. We knew we were close.

We had a windling in the group that flew up and discovered that we were 2 hours northwest of the tree as the windling flies as it were. We then searched the area near this new dirt, and before going far at all we found the entrance to a cave.

Upon entering we were accosted by a bunch of Krilworms. After dispatching a few, the rest flew off and we went further in. 5, 10, maybe 15 minutes later, we ran across what looked like a ghost. It made some gestures and came close to us. Again, our windling came to the rescue, or attempted to, and began dancing with it?

After a short time it was apparent the thing was hurting the windling, as he fell out of the air hitting the ground. Immediately the rest of us began attacking the ghost. I continually hit it with earth darts, reducing its armor which made it easier to hit it. It took a liking to our obsidiman and kept attacking it, one such attack was rather brutal in which it made the obsidiman "live" part of its past pain.

In that pain he was able to relay that its community had performed a ritual to mark her or him, and that over the next year he or she became more and more isolated until finally the horror mark took its toll and she killed herself. All are things despairthoughts are known to do.
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PostSubject: Re: To the heart of all things   

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To the heart of all things
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