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 Character Advancement: Downtime

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Character Advancement: Downtime Empty
PostSubject: Character Advancement: Downtime   Character Advancement: Downtime I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 29, 2017 2:04 am

Character advancement works as described in the Building Your Legend chapter of the Player's Guide, with the exception of downtime.

At the end of each game session, characters receive one week of downtime. Downtime is spent and recorded by the day, and there is no limit to the number of days a player may bank for one of their characters.

You may purchase additional weeks of downtime for 30 silver per week. This money broadly reflects your living costs for that week.

  • Training talents takes 8 hours per rank, or half a day; therefore, an adept may train two ranks of talent in a day, and up to 14 ranks of talents in a week.
  • Spells take 1 day to learn.
  • Item History, while using the talent, allows for 1 rank to be trained per day, but two items may be searched with the talent per week.
  • Forge Weapon, skill training and raising your Circle all take a week (or multiples thereof). You may train one talent rank during any week you spend on these activities; the rest of your time must be dedicated to the given task.

Time in the game is abstracted and otherwise untracked. Don't expect to see orks die of old age as the time rapidly advances. The greater politics and timeline of Barsaive may advance while the game progresses, but only if 'on-screen' activities require them to do so.
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Character Advancement: Downtime
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